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I’ve been meaning to write. Notice the changes? They’re just for you.

Lots of time, money and energy went into redesigning the site, which makes me extremely happy to announce today that we are launching the next version of the Biglaw Investor. Ever since I started the project, I wanted to create a permanent home for lawyers to discover for years to come. There are more than 250 blog posts on the site and the old design (created entirely by myself) didn’t do a great job of highlighting the catalog. All of that changes today.

What’s new?

The home page is friendly, especially for new visitors. If you get lost or want to explore, click on the Start Here button to activate a drop-down menu. It disappears with the same satisfying click.

The site is colorful.

It’s also divided into categories that make sense. And each of those categories have their own “home” page (e.g. maybe you’re interested in savings, taxes or protecting your assets).

The blog is hanging out on the side, ready for you to dive in to the latest posts.

I couldn’t have made all of the magic happen without the behind the scenes work of several talented coders and the gorgeous design skills of Josh Korwin. Can we talk about that logo? It’s the combination of a dollar sign, section symbol and caduceus.

I couldn’t be happier. Everything turned out perfect. Found a bug or something strange about the site? Send us a note. We appreciate you letting us know.

What’s harder to explain is how much is going on behind the scenes. We’re rocking a custom WordPress theme. It’s lightning fast and smart. There’s no unneeded plugins slowing things down and we’ve gone to a lot of effort to make the site fit together in a way that’s just not possible without deep thought. Suffice to say, most readers will never notice but the site clicks together.

In addition to the coding and design help, I couldn’t have built the new site without you. So it’s my sincere thanks to all of you who got a student loan refinancing bonus or talked to a mortgage broker about a 0% down no-PMI lawyer mortgage. I’ve reinvested just about every penny back into the site, following my original plan to keep this going as a resource for lawyers to discuss personal finance and investing topics.

What else has been happening? A lot. Here’s a few updates, all of which will be future content on the site:

  • We had a baby! In January, my wife and I welcomed a baby Biglaw Investor to the family. After a long pregnancy, it feels exciting to finally have him in the world. I was looking forward to proving that kids don’t have to be expensive, but I think this little guy has a few lessons to teach me before I tame him. The good news is that the spending is entirely optional (or at least optional if you’re willing to give up your sanity, sleep and well-being). More on that in many future posts.
  • My taxes are almost done. There’s a lot going on in our 2018 taxes and I’m looking forward to sharing my report (you can read the 2017 Tax Report while you’re waiting). The Tax Cut and Jobs Act influenced the total amount of taxes I paid, as did moving to New Jersey in the first half of 2018. Escaping the NYC tax is working out just fine and the views are better.
  • To forgive or not forgive? Things are heating up in our household’s pursuit of PSLF forgiveness. We’ve been all over the place about whether we’ll continue on our path to forgiveness or not. Meanwhile, the loan balance gets higher by the day. It’s one of the awful side effects of the program that we continue accruing significant interest. Our married income has finally caught up with our monthly PSLF payments, although those monthly payments are capped at the same payments under the 10-year standard repayment plan thanks to the IBR program. Will we continue on the path to forgiveness or pay them off? I can’t even tell you for sure.
  • Getting ready for the next recession. The last recession ended in June 2009 which has a lot of people nervous that we’ve made it nearly 10 year without another one. It must mean a recession is around the corner, right? Unfortunately, my crystal ball remains cloudy as always and what I do know is anyone who predicts the future of the market is trying to sell you something. That said, it’s important to remember that recessions are a normal part of your investing career. If you’re lucky, you’ll start investing during a recession. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of lawyers that have been investing over the past 10 years that have never seen a recession.

I hope you like the new look. Say 👋 on Twitter.

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Joshua Holt

Joshua Holt A practicing private equity M&A lawyer and the creator of Biglaw Investor, Josh couldn’t find a place where lawyers were talking about money, so he created it himself. He convinces the student loan refinancing companies to give you cashback bonuses for refinancing your student loans and looks forward to you discovering how easy it is to track your net worth with a free tool like Personal Capital.

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    1. I recently came across this site – love the investment tips and the layout! I also recently updated my site’s branding and am considering a redesign. Congratulations on the baby, I look forward to more of your posts in the future.

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