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Looking for someone who won’t pressure you into buying a whole life policy?

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Editor’s Note: This page includes a list of recommended insurance agents (right now only one insurance agent has made the cut). To make it onto this page, the insurance agents have to be vetted by me. I hope this will serve as a helpful resource. When I started practicing law, I had no idea who to contact for these types of things. The agent listed on this page is a paid advertiser but what you aren’t seeing are the dozens of agents I’ve turned away. I appreciate hearing good and bad feedback on these advertisers and will remove a recommendation if I receive complaints of poor service.

Term Life and Disability Insurance

PKA Insurance Group

Pradeep Audho is an independent insurance broker and the owner of PKA Insurance Group Inc. He focuses on disability and life insurance. He has experience working with lawyers and can provide insurance to you no matter where you live in the US (and in fact, for these kinds of things, it’s easier and more efficient to handle via email anyway, so you don’t need to find someone local to you). His website has an instant quote engine for term life insurance rates from over 30 carriers. Click here to run an instant term life quote. You can request a disability quote here. Quotes will be provided within 24 hours.