Personal finances for the aspiring millionaire lawyer

Buy life insurance

Cheap term life insurance is all you need to protect the people depending on your income and job.

Get a JD Mortgage

No PMI and less than 20% down? These are mortgages only available to lawyers and other professionals like you.

Invest in real estate

Build passive income through real estate investments and watch your net worth grow with real estate crowdfunding.

Refinance student loans

Want to save interest on your student loans? You can lower the interest rate on your student loans, plus get a $100 – $750 cash back bonus by refinancing your student loans in the private market. Refinancing is 100% free. The lenders on the site do not charge a service fee, origination fee or a prepayment penalty. Instead, they let you take advantage of the today’s low interest rates to save thousands of dollars on your student loans.

Learn About Refinancing

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