Biglaw Salary Scale

In addition to the current biglaw salary scale, let's look at all of the previous salary scales and calculate for inflation-adjusted dollars.

Current Biglaw Salary Scale (as of July 2018)

1st Year$190,000
2nd Year$200,000
3rd Year$220,000
4th Year$255,000
5th Year$280,000
6th Year$305,000
7th Year$325,000
8th Year$345,000

Historical Biglaw Salary Scale (as of July 2016)

ClassSalaryInflation-Adjusted (2018 Dollars)
1st Year$180,000$188,199
2nd Year$190,000$198,654
3rd Year$210,000$219,565
4th Year$235,000$245,704
5th Year$260,000$271,842
6th Year$280,000$292,753
7th Year$300,000$313,664
8th Year$315,000$329,347

Historical Biglaw Salary Scale (as of January 2007)

ClassSalaryInflation-Adjusted (2018 Dollars)
1st Year$160,000$198,868
2nd Year$170,000$211,297
3rd Year$185,000$229,941
4th Year$210,000$261,014
5th Year$230,000$285,873
6th Year$250,000$310,731
7th Year$265,000$329,375
8th Year$280,000$348,019

Historical Biglaw Salary Scale (as of 2006)

ClassSalaryInflation-Adjusted (2018)
1st Year$145,000$183,595

Historical Biglaw Salary Scale (as of January 2000)

ClassSalaryInflation-Adjusted (2018 Dollars)
1st Year$125,000$186,306
2nd Year$135,000$201,211
3rd Year$150,000$223,568
4th Year$170,000$253,377
5th Year$190,000$283,186
6th Year$205,000$305,542
7th Year$220,000$327,899
8th Year$235,000$350,256

Historical Biglaw Salary Scale (as of 1999)

ClassSalaryInflation-Adjusted (2018 Dollars)
1st Year$100,000$153,127