Biglaw Salary Scale

Below is the current biglaw salary scale, along with historical data on the previous salary scales and calculations with inflation-adjusted dollars.

Biglaw Salary Scale (Interactive) for 2021

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    ClassYearSearch YearSalaryBonus (Special)Bonus (Annual)Bonus TotalTotalInflation-Adjusted
    1st Year2021Y20212050001200012000217000217000
    2nd Year2021Y20212150001600016000231000231000
    3rd Year2021Y20212400003200032000272000272000
    4th Year2021Y20212750004400044000319000319000
    5th Year2021Y20213050005200052000357000357000
    6th Year2021Y20213300005920059200389200389200
    7th Year2021Y20213500006400064000414000414000
    8th Year2021Y20213650006400064000429000429000
    1st Year2020Y202019000075001500022500212500212500
    2nd Year2020Y2020200000100002500035000235000235000
    3rd Year2020Y2020220000200005000070000290000290000
    4th Year2020Y2020255000275006500092500347500347500
    5th Year2020Y20202800003250080000112500392500392500
    6th Year2020Y20203050003700090000127000432000432000
    7th Year2020Y202032500040000100000140000465000465000
    8th Year2020Y202034000040000100000140000480000480000
    1st Year2019Y201919000001500015000205000207811.21568517
    2nd Year2019Y201920000002500025000225000228085.48063007
    3rd Year2019Y201922000005000050000270000273702.57675608
    4th Year2019Y201925500006500065000320000324388.23911832
    5th Year2019Y201928000008000080000360000364936.76900811
    6th Year2019Y201930500009000090000395000400416.73266168
    7th Year2019Y20193250000100000100000425000430828.13007902
    8th Year2019Y20193400000100000100000440000446033.82878769
    1st Year2018Y201819000050001500020000210000216522.80349364
    2nd Year2018Y201820000075002500032500232500239721.67529653
    3rd Year2018Y2018220000100005000060000280000288697.07132485
    4th Year2018Y2018255000150006500080000335000345405.4246208
    5th Year2018Y20182800002000080000100000380000391803.16822658
    6th Year2018Y20183050002500090000115000420000433045.60698728
    7th Year2018Y201832500025000100000125000450000463977.4360578
    8th Year2018Y201834000025000100000125000465000479443.35059306
    1st Year2017Y201718000001500015000195000205634.89846078
    2nd Year2017Y201719000002500025000215000226725.65727727
    3rd Year2017Y201721000005000050000260000274179.86461437
    4th Year2017Y201723500006500065000300000316361.38224735
    5th Year2017Y201726000008000080000340000358542.89988033
    6th Year2017Y201728000009000090000370000390179.03810506
    7th Year2017Y20173000000100000100000400000421815.1763298
    8th Year2017Y20173150000100000100000415000437633.24544217
    1st Year2016Y201618000001500015000195000210226.65078988
    2nd Year2016Y201619000002500025000215000231788.3585632
    3rd Year2016Y201621000005000050000260000280302.20105317
    4th Year2016Y201623500006500065000300000323425.61659981
    5th Year2016Y201626000008000080000340000366549.03214645
    6th Year2016Y201628000009000090000370000398891.59380643
    7th Year2016Y20163000000100000100000400000431234.15546641
    8th Year2016Y20163150000100000100000415000447405.4362964
    1st Year2015Y201516000001500015000175000191426.58971641
    2nd Year2015Y201517000002500025000195000213303.91425543
    3rd Year2015Y201518500005000050000235000257058.56333347
    4th Year2015Y201521000006500065000275000300813.21241151
    5th Year2015Y201523000008000080000310000339098.53035479
    6th Year2015Y201525000009000090000340000371914.51716332
    7th Year2015Y20152650000100000100000365000399261.17283709
    8th Year2015Y20152800000100000100000380000415669.16624136
    1st Year2014Y201416000001500015000175000191357.42841554
    2nd Year2014Y201417000002500025000195000213226.84880588
    3rd Year2014Y201418500004000040000225000246030.9793914
    4th Year2014Y201421000005500055000265000289769.8201721
    5th Year2014Y201423000007000070000300000328041.30585521
    6th Year2014Y201425000008500085000335000366312.79153831
    7th Year2014Y20142650000100000100000365000399116.92212383
    8th Year2014Y20142800000100000100000380000415518.98741659
    1st Year2013Y201316000001000010000170000188971.97884002
    2nd Year2013Y201317000001400014000184000204534.37709743
    3rd Year2013Y201318500002000020000205000227877.97448355
    4th Year2013Y201321000002700027000237000263449.17050049
    5th Year2013Y201323000003400034000264000293462.36713979
    6th Year2013Y201325000004000040000290000322363.96390356
    7th Year2013Y201326500005000050000315000350153.9607918
    8th Year2013Y201328000006000060000340000377943.95768003
    1st Year2012Y201216000001000010000170000191211.15592251
    2nd Year2012Y201217000001400014000184000206957.95699848
    3rd Year2012Y201218500002000020000205000230578.15861244
    4th Year2012Y201221000002700027000237000266570.84678609
    5th Year2012Y201223000003400034000264000296939.67743261
    6th Year2012Y201225000004000040000290000326183.7365737
    7th Year2012Y201226500005000050000315000354303.02420936
    8th Year2012Y201228000006000060000340000382422.31184502
    1st Year2011Y20111600002500750010000170000195018.70927854
    2nd Year2011Y201117000075001000017500187500215094.16464545
    3rd Year2011Y2011185000100001500025000210000240905.4644029
    4th Year2011Y2011210000150002000035000245000281056.37513672
    5th Year2011Y2011230000200002500045000275000315471.44147999
    6th Year2011Y2011250000200003000050000300000344150.66343271
    7th Year2011Y2011265000200003750057500322500369961.96319017
    8th Year2011Y2011280000200003750057500337500387169.4963618
    1st Year2010Y2010160000075007500167500199583.86515143
    2nd Year2010Y201017000001000010000180000214478.18344631
    3rd Year2010Y201018500001500015000200000238309.09271812
    4th Year2010Y201021000002000020000230000274055.45662584
    5th Year2010Y201023000002500025000255000303844.0932156
    6th Year2010Y201025000003000030000280000333632.72980537
    7th Year2010Y201026500003500035000300000357463.63907718
    8th Year2010Y201028000003500035000315000375336.82103104
    1st Year2009Y200916000075007500167500201866.4712508
    2nd Year2009Y20091700001000010000180000216931.13328444
    3rd Year2009Y20091850001500015000200000241034.59253826
    4th Year2009Y20092100002000020000230000277189.781419
    5th Year2009Y20092300002500025000255000307319.10548629
    6th Year2009Y20092500003000030000280000337448.42955357
    7th Year2009Y20092650003000030000295000355526.02399394
    8th Year2009Y20092800003000030000310000373603.61843431
    1st Year2008Y20081600003500035000195000231986.03144806
    2nd Year2008Y20081700004000040000210000249831.11079022
    3rd Year2008Y20081850004500045000230000273624.5499131
    4th Year2008Y20082100005000050000260000309314.70859742
    5th Year2008Y20082300005500055000285000339056.50750101
    6th Year2008Y20082500006000060000310000368798.30640461
    7th Year2008Y20082650006000060000325000386643.38574677
    8th Year2008Y20082800006000060000340000404488.46508893
    1st Year2007Y20071600004500045000205000255923.06525262
    2nd Year2007Y20071700005500055000225000280891.16917971
    3rd Year2007Y20071850006500065000250000312101.29908856
    4th Year2007Y20072100008000080000290000362037.50694273
    5th Year2007Y20072300009500095000325000405731.68881513
    6th Year2007Y2007250000110000110000360000449425.87068753
    7th Year2007Y2007265000110000110000375000468151.94863285
    8th Year2007Y2007280000110000110000390000486878.02657816
    1st Year2006Y20061450003000030000175000224489.89651859
    2nd Year2006Y20061550003500035000190000243731.88764876
    3rd Year2006Y20061700004000040000210000269387.87582231
    4th Year2006Y20061900004500045000235000301457.86103925
    5th Year2006Y20062000005000050000250000320699.85216942
    6th Year2006Y20062100005500055000265000339941.84329958
    7th Year2006Y20062200006500065000285000365597.83147314
    8th Year2006Y20062200006500065000285000365597.83147314
    1st Year2005Y20051250003000030000155000202934.60776925
    2nd Year2005Y20051350003500035000170000222573.44077918
    3rd Year2005Y20051500004000040000190000248758.55145908
    4th Year2005Y20051700004500045000215000281489.93980896
    5th Year2005Y20051900005000050000240000314221.32815884
    6th Year2005Y20052050005500055000260000340406.43883874
    7th Year2005Y20052150006000060000275000360045.27184867
    8th Year2005Y20052250006000060000285000373137.82718862
    1st Year2004Y20041250003000030000155000212445.49721766
    2nd Year2004Y2004135000?135000185033.17499602
    3rd Year2004Y2004150000?150000205592.41666225
    4th Year2004Y2004170000?170000233004.73888388
    5th Year2004Y2004190000?190000260417.06110552
    6th Year2004Y2004205000?205000280976.30277174
    7th Year2004Y20042150006000060000275000376919.43054746
    8th Year2004Y20042250006000060000285000390625.59165827
    1st Year2003Y20031250001750017500142500200269.43864664
    2nd Year2003Y20031350001900019000154000216431.53369532
    3rd Year2003Y20031500002400024000174000244539.52508432
    4th Year2003Y20031700002400024000194000272647.51647332
    5th Year2003Y20031900002500025000215000302160.90743177
    6th Year2003Y20032050002500025000230000323241.90097352
    7th Year2003Y20032150002500025000240000337295.89666803
    8th Year2003Y20032250002500025000250000351349.89236253
    1st Year2002Y20021250001750017500142500204916.5748023
    2nd Year2002Y20021350001900019000154000221453.70189161
    3rd Year2002Y20021500002400024000174000250213.92291649
    4th Year2002Y20021700002400024000194000278974.14394138
    5th Year2002Y20021900002500025000215000309172.37601751
    6th Year2002Y20022050002500025000230000330742.54178617
    7th Year2002Y20022150002500025000240000345122.65229861
    8th Year2002Y20022250002500025000250000359502.76281106
    1st Year2001Y2001125000?125000182473.35909145
    2nd Year2001Y2001135000?135000197071.22781876
    3rd Year2001Y2001150000?150000218968.03090974
    4th Year2001Y2001170000?170000248163.76836437
    5th Year2001Y2001190000?190000277359.505819
    6th Year2001Y2001205000?205000299256.30890998
    7th Year2001Y2001215000?215000313854.17763729
    8th Year2001Y2001225000?225000328452.04636461
    1st Year2000Y20001250003500035000160000239751.29568157
    2nd Year2000Y2000135000?135000202290.15573132
    3rd Year2000Y2000150000?150000224766.83970147
    4th Year2000Y2000170000?170000254735.75166166
    5th Year2000Y2000190000?190000284704.66362186
    6th Year2000Y2000205000?205000307181.34759201
    7th Year2000Y2000215000?215000322165.8035721
    8th Year2000Y2000225000?225000337150.2595522
    1st Year1999Y19991000001500015000115000178273.97229108
    2nd Year1999Y1999??00
    3rd Year1999Y1999??00
    4th Year1999Y1999??00
    5th Year1999Y1999??00
    6th Year1999Y1999??00
    7th Year1999Y1999??00
    8th Year1999Y1999??00
    1st Year1998Y1998
    2nd Year1998Y1998
    3rd Year1998Y1998
    4th Year1998Y1998
    5th Year1998Y1998
    6th Year1998Y1998
    7th Year1998Y1998
    8th Year1998Y1998
    1st Year1997Y1997
    2nd Year1997Y1997
    3rd Year1997Y1997
    4th Year1997Y1997
    5th Year1997Y1997
    6th Year1997Y1997
    7th Year1997Y1997
    8th Year1997Y1997
    1st Year1996Y1996
    2nd Year1996Y1996
    3rd Year1996Y1996
    4th Year1996Y1996
    5th Year1996Y1996
    6th Year1996Y1996
    7th Year1996Y1996
    8th Year1996Y1996
    1st Year1995Y1995
    2nd Year1995Y1995
    3rd Year1995Y1995
    4th Year1995Y1995
    5th Year1995Y1995
    6th Year1995Y1995
    7th Year1995Y1995
    8th Year1995Y1995
    1st Year1994Y1994
    2nd Year1994Y1994
    3rd Year1994Y1994
    4th Year1994Y1994
    5th Year1994Y1994
    6th Year1994Y1994
    7th Year1994Y1994
    8th Year1994Y1994
    1st Year1993Y1993
    2nd Year1993Y1993
    3rd Year1993Y1993
    4th Year1993Y1993
    5th Year1993Y1993
    6th Year1993Y1993
    7th Year1993Y1993
    8th Year1993Y1993
    1st Year1992Y1992
    2nd Year1992Y1992
    3rd Year1992Y1992
    4th Year1992Y1992
    5th Year1992Y1992
    6th Year1992Y1992
    7th Year1992Y1992
    8th Year1992Y1992
    1st Year1991Y1991
    2nd Year1991Y1991
    3rd Year1991Y1991
    4th Year1991Y1991
    5th Year1991Y1991
    6th Year1991Y1991
    7th Year1991Y1991
    8th Year1991Y1991
    1st Year1990Y1990
    2nd Year1990Y1990
    3rd Year1990Y1990
    4th Year1990Y1990
    5th Year1990Y1990
    6th Year1990Y1990
    7th Year1990Y1990
    8th Year1990Y1990
    1st Year1989Y1989
    2nd Year1989Y1989
    3rd Year1989Y1989
    4th Year1989Y1989
    5th Year1989Y1989
    6th Year1989Y1989
    7th Year1989Y1989
    8th Year1989Y1989
    1st Year1988Y1988
    2nd Year1988Y1988
    3rd Year1988Y1988
    4th Year1988Y1988
    5th Year1988Y1988
    6th Year1988Y1988
    7th Year1988Y1988
    8th Year1988Y1988
    1st Year1987Y198768000?68000153904.69480563
    2nd Year1987Y1987
    3rd Year1987Y1987
    4th Year1987Y1987
    5th Year1987Y1987
    6th Year1987Y1987
    7th Year1987Y1987
    8th Year1987Y1987
    1st Year1986Y198665000?65000153522.6857788
    2nd Year1986Y1986
    3rd Year1986Y1986
    4th Year1986Y19865000
    5th Year1986Y1986
    6th Year1986Y1986
    7th Year1986Y1986
    8th Year1986Y198620000
    1st Year1985Y198553000?53000127376.17731493
    2nd Year1985Y1985
    3rd Year1985Y1985
    4th Year1985Y1985
    5th Year1985Y1985
    6th Year1985Y1985
    7th Year1985Y1985
    8th Year1985Y1985
    1st Year1984Y1984
    2nd Year1984Y1984
    3rd Year1984Y1984
    4th Year1984Y1984
    5th Year1984Y1984
    6th Year1984Y1984
    7th Year1984Y1984
    8th Year1984Y1984
    1st Year1983Y1983
    2nd Year1983Y1983
    3rd Year1983Y1983
    4th Year1983Y1983
    5th Year1983Y1983
    6th Year1983Y1983
    7th Year1983Y1983
    8th Year1983Y1983
    1st Year1982Y1982
    2nd Year1982Y1982
    3rd Year1982Y1982
    4th Year1982Y1982
    5th Year1982Y1982
    6th Year1982Y1982
    7th Year1982Y1982
    8th Year1982Y1982
    1st Year1981Y1981
    2nd Year1981Y1981
    3rd Year1981Y1981
    4th Year1981Y1981
    5th Year1981Y1981
    6th Year1981Y1981
    7th Year1981Y1981
    8th Year1981Y1981
    1st Year1980Y1980
    2nd Year1980Y1980
    3rd Year1980Y1980
    4th Year1980Y1980
    5th Year1980Y1980
    6th Year1980Y1980
    7th Year1980Y1980
    8th Year1980Y1980
    1st Year1979Y1979
    2nd Year1979Y1979
    3rd Year1979Y1979
    4th Year1979Y1979
    5th Year1979Y1979
    6th Year1979Y1979
    7th Year1979Y1979
    8th Year1979Y1979
    1st Year1978Y1978
    2nd Year1978Y1978
    3rd Year1978Y1978
    4th Year1978Y1978
    5th Year1978Y1978
    6th Year1978Y1978
    7th Year1978Y1978
    8th Year1978Y1978
    1st Year1977Y1977
    2nd Year1977Y1977
    3rd Year1977Y1977
    4th Year1977Y1977
    5th Year1977Y1977
    6th Year1977Y1977
    7th Year1977Y1977
    8th Year1977Y1977
    1st Year1976Y1976
    2nd Year1976Y1976
    3rd Year1976Y1976
    4th Year1976Y1976
    5th Year1976Y1976
    6th Year1976Y1976
    7th Year1976Y1976
    8th Year1976Y1976
    1st Year1975Y1975
    2nd Year1975Y1975
    3rd Year1975Y1975
    4th Year1975Y1975
    5th Year1975Y1975
    6th Year1975Y1975
    7th Year1975Y1975
    8th Year1975Y1975
    1st Year1974Y1974
    2nd Year1974Y1974
    3rd Year1974Y1974
    4th Year1974Y1974
    5th Year1974Y1974
    6th Year1974Y1974
    7th Year1974Y1974
    8th Year1974Y1974
    1st Year1973Y1973
    2nd Year1973Y1973
    3rd Year1973Y1973
    4th Year1973Y1973
    5th Year1973Y1973
    6th Year1973Y1973
    7th Year1973Y1973
    8th Year1973Y1973
    1st Year1972Y1972
    2nd Year1972Y1972
    3rd Year1972Y1972
    4th Year1972Y1972
    5th Year1972Y1972
    6th Year1972Y1972
    7th Year1972Y1972
    8th Year1972Y1972
    1st Year1971Y1971
    2nd Year1971Y1971
    3rd Year1971Y1971
    4th Year1971Y1971
    5th Year1971Y1971
    6th Year1971Y1971
    7th Year1971Y1971
    8th Year1971Y1971
    1st Year1970Y1970
    2nd Year1970Y1970
    3rd Year1970Y1970
    4th Year1970Y1970
    5th Year1970Y1970
    6th Year1970Y1970
    7th Year1970Y1970
    8th Year1970Y1970
    1st Year1969Y1969
    2nd Year1969Y1969
    3rd Year1969Y1969
    4th Year1969Y1969
    5th Year1969Y1969
    6th Year1969Y1969
    7th Year1969Y1969
    8th Year1969Y1969
    1st Year1968Y196815000?15000111230.7705286
    2nd Year1968Y1968
    3rd Year1968Y1968
    4th Year1968Y1968
    5th Year1968Y1968
    6th Year1968Y1968
    7th Year1968Y1968
    8th Year1968Y1968

    Note: The bonus column includes all bonuses announced year-to-date (for the current year) or all bonuses awarded during that year (for an historical year), including summer and special bonuses, if applicable. Inflation data is taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics CPI Inflation Calculator and updated in October of each year.

    Editor's Note: On 6/11, Davis Polk announced a salary increase exceeding that set by Milbank on the previous day. The new salary scale is above. On 06/10, Milbank announced salary increases for all associates. 1st, 2nd and 3rd year associates received a $10,000 raise while 4th+ associates received a $15,000 raise, compared to the most recent salary scale update in 2018. On 3/19, Willkie Farr announced spring bonuses. On 3/22, Davis Polk announced spring bonuses and fall bonuses. The combined amount of the Davis Polk spring and fall bonuses are reflected in the columns above. The memo also stated that Davis Polk expects to pay "year-end bonuses at least in the amount paid last year."

    Biglaw has no official definition but loosely refers to the nation’s largest law firms by headcount, smaller firms that pay at the market rate or medium-sized firms with international reach. Most Biglaw firms are located in the major U.S. cities. Lawyers working in Biglaw are generally paid on the Cravath scale, which is a system of lockstep associate compensation based on the number of years out of law school and paid to New York lawyers working at Cravath. Not only are all lawyers on this pay scale paid the same, they can generally expect to receive the same market bonus each year.

    It’s called the Cravath scale because it’s an offshoot of the Cravath system and because Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP is generally considered the trendsetter when it comes to associate salaries (despite the fact that other firms, such as Milbank and Simpson Thacher have been the first movers on first-year associate salaries in the past few years). Given the lockstep nature, associates and law students (as well as their in-house peers) tend to follow any changes to the Biglaw salary scale closely.

    The Cravath scale has largely stayed the same across the major law firms because those firms are competing for the best law students from the best law schools. If one firm offers a higher salary, historically the other firms tend to announce salary increases shortly thereafter. The above tables show the current Biglaw salary scale, as well historical changes in associate compensation and a comparison of the historical Biglaw associate salaries with the current Cravath scale on an inflation-adjusted basis.

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    Which other law firm markets pay the Cravath scale?

    In the past, the Biglaw salary scale has been set out of the New York city offices of major firms like Jones Day, Skadden, etc. Initially, these starting salaries were not paid to associates working in “secondary” markets such as Los Angeles, Chicago or Houston. Over time, however, the distribution of the Cravath scale has been such that most first-year associates at large national firms can expect their base salary to be the same as other first-year associates in local offices in the United States.

    The biggest changes in the pay scale over the past two years have been relative to mid-level and senior associate salaries. As firms struggle to retain mid-level and senior associate talent, firms have increased those salaries disproportionately (i.e. more) than they’ve increased starting salaries for first-year associates.

    What is the Biglaw bonus scale?

    In addition to receiving standardized salaries across the industry, associates working in Biglaw can expect to receive the same annual bonuses and summer bonuses as their peers based on the market bonuses set by the leading firms. Bonus eligibility is a function of meeting certain billable hour targets at your firm (although not all firms require a minimum billable hour threshold).

    The Biglaw bonuses from 1999 to the present year are included in the chart above. The chart does not include clerkship bonus amounts as I have yet to compile that information (but send an email if you want to see it).

    How are Cravath bonuses set each year?

    Typically, in late November or early December, a Biglaw firm will announce its year-end bonuses via a memo delivered to associates. In most years, the first firm to make the announcement is Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, but that isn’t always the case.

    If you’re wondering when the bonus announcement is made (or will be made in the future), the partners at Cravath have a standing weekly meeting on Monday during lunch. This means that Cravath’s bonus announcement is almost always on Monday afternoon at the conclusion of the weekly meeting. Soon after the Cravath bonus memo is released, you can expect to see it posted on a legal news website like Above the Law, the New York Law Journal or American Lawyer.

    Regardless of which large law firm makes the first announcement regarding associate bonuses for a given year, there is typically some suspense over whether other firms will match the bonus scale or potentially offer more money (i.e. bonus season!). In the rare event that a law firm either announces before Cravath or announces a bonus scale that is higher than Cravath, the firms typically quickly consolidate around the top of the market to set the Biglaw bonus scale for that year.

    This is true except for a few outlier firms (e.g. last year Susman Godfrey paid six-figure bonuses to associates, as it has done in previous years). The outlier firms tend to be litigation boutique firms with extraordinary years and so fall outside the typical Wall Street firm construct.

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    Loan Terms:
    • 5
    • 7
    • 8
    • 10
    • 12
    • 15
    • 20
    Variable Rates:
    Fixed Rates:
    • Fixed
    • Variable
    Loan Terms:
    Variable Rates:
    Fixed Rates:
    • Fixed
    • Variable
    Loan Terms:
    • 5
    • 8
    • 10
    • 12
    • 15
    Variable Rates:
    Fixed Rates:
    • Fixed
    • Variable
    Loan Terms:
    • 5
    • 7
    • 10
    • 15
    Variable Rates:
    Fixed Rates:
    • Fixed
    • Variable
    Loan Terms:
    • 5
    • 10
    • 15
    • 20
    Variable Rates:
    Fixed Rates:
    • Fixed
    • Variable
    Loan Terms:
    • 5
    • 7
    • 10
    • 15
    • 20
    Variable Rates:
    Fixed Rates:
    • Fixed
    • Variable
    Loan Terms:
    • 5
    • 7
    • 10
    • 15
    • 20
    Variable Rates:
    Fixed Rates:
    • Fixed
    Loan Terms:
    • 7
    • 10
    • 15