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Navient Quits Servicing Student Loans

What’s happening to borrowers now that Navient has left the student loan servicing business? Here’s what to do if your loan servicer quits.

The Student Loan Freeze Ends in May: Here’s What It Means for You

May 1, 2022 marks the end of the student loan freeze that was brought on as part of a COVID-19 relief program. As interest accrual and required payments start back up, all federal borrowers need to check in on the status of their loans and prepare a plan. Here’s the backstory on the loan freeze and what you need to know moving forward.

A Guide to Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

Law school is more expensive than ever. The increased price has students looking for a variety of ways to pay for law school, but often students have to take out loans. Upon graduating law school, there are many ways to pay back those loans. One option that is often discussed is the Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Law School Diversity Scholarships

Diversity scholarships are a means for law firms to extend opportunities and financial support to students from underrepresented groups. Firms use the scholarships, generally aimed at 1L and 2L students, to recruit diverse candidates for their associate classes. They aren’t enough to cover the cost of law school, but they can made a substantial difference in encouraging diverse candidates to apply for firm positions.

You Need Legal Malpractice Insurance

A vast majority of lawyers will face a legal malpractice suit at least once during their career, and it can be a devastating blow for solo practicing attorneys if they don’t have insurance. Legal malpractice insurance should be at the foundation of your asset protection arsenal if you aren’t already covered by your firm’s policy. Here’s what to look for in a policy, especially if you’re practicing on your own.

Best 10 Gifts for Law Students

Is there a law student in your life you’d like to show some love? Our writing interns put together this list of 10 gift ideas that any law student would appreciate.

Is Online Law School a Good Idea?

Many law schools moved online during the pandemic, but fully online programs are still not accredited by the ABA. They’re a fraction of the cost of in-person law school, so it might lead you to wonder if they’re a good deal. Here’s a look at an alternative legal education programs.

Income Share Agreements: An Alternative to Law School Loans?

Income Share Agreements are gaining some traction as an alternative to traditional student loans for some types of educational programs. Are they a good idea for students considering law school? They may save borrowers money in interest, but they offer few of the protections that federal loans provide.

A Guide to Surviving Law School Cold Calls

Cold calls are a staple of first-year law classrooms, and they can be pretty scary at first. Here are the kinds of questions professors like to ask and some strategies for approaching class with confidence.

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