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8 Step Financial Checklist for 3Ls/Recent Grads

Congratulations! You are about to graduate or have recently done so – but have you taken a look at your financials? Get this in order now before job, friends, and life get in the way of setting yourself up for your future.

BLI Portfolio Performance Report 2018

Curious about a lawyer’s portfolio performance? Let’s take a look at my portfolio and see how well it’s done over the past year.

How I Protect Myself When Renting a Car

If you don’t own or lease a car, chances are you also don’t have health insurance. Here are some ways I protect myself when it comes to car rentals.

Sample Budget: SmallLaw Associate

Starting off with a smaller salary? Here are some great ways to still maximize your cash flow and increase your savings without compromising your standard of living.

Backdoor Roth IRA: FAQ

Let’s address some of the common misconceptions and questions surrounding Backdoor Roth IRAs.

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