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What is Your Archimedes’ Lever?

Leverage is the single most powerful tool you have. To maximize our income, we need to make sure our energy and effort is focused on the 20% of actions that deliver 80% of the results. The rest is noise slowing you down and should be eliminated.

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Looking to Outsource?

Sometimes life is too busy and you don’t want to do it all yourself. Over the years, many people have asked me to connect them with the “good guys” in the financial services industry. Below are people and companies that I’ve personally vetted (often meeting them in person). Know that they are paid advertisers on the site but that I routinely recommend them to friends and colleagues and would do so even if they weren’t advertisers.

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Counsel vs. Partner: What’s the difference?

Key Terms There are many kinds of law firm attorneys with titles that include the word “counsel.” Counsels are salaried employees, usually thought to be between associates and partners. Although each counsel position is very flexibly designed, the ABA has described four kinds of counsels that are commonly found in law firms. Law firms tend

What is a Non-Equity Partner?

Key Terms Non-equity partners are very different from equity partners primarily in that they are salaried and do not share in the profits of the firm. Some firms systematically turn senior associates into non-equity partners, but occasionally you can find non-equity partners in niche practices or by personal choice. If you run into non-equity partnership

What is a Stealth Layoff?

Key Terms Biglaw uses “stealth layoffs” to quietly layoff associates without causing a commotion. Stealth layoffs can be mutually beneficial to the firm and the laid off attorney. Getting stealth laid off could be an opportunity in disguise and a catalyst to making a positive change in your career. Law firms don’t always love attention.

How to Get Home Internet for $50 or Less

The vast majority of lawyers don’t need a deluxe home internet plan. Instead, they should prioritize reliability and low cost. Here’s how to get a find a plan that fits within Biglaw Investor’s suggested monthly budget.

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