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Biglaw Budget: 1st Year Associate

Here’s a guide to help you make good decisions, control expenses and build wealth with this budget template.

Should You Hire a Student Loan Lawyer?

Hiring a student loan attorney may be worth the investment to help you with your student loan payments and consumer protection issues.

SoFi vs. ELFI: What is Better?

If you’re repaying student loans and haven’t refinanced them, you’re probably wasting money. Here we look at SoFi and ELFI, two excellent loan refinance companies, and compare what they offer.

What Are the T14 Law Schools and Do You Want In?

Law school rankings are determined by many factors, and here we list which schools are currently at the top. A school’s ranking should be part of your decision about where to attend, but don’t get caught up in the hype.

Is Your Group Disability Insurance Enough?

Your ability to earn income is one of your biggest assets. Don’t assume that the insurance through your employer has you covered in case of illness or disability. Here’s how to make sure you’re protected.

What Is Biglaw and Is It Worth It?

What is Biglaw really like? We explain the workload, culture, and salary scale that define the careers in the most successful and largest law firms.

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