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Student Loan Forgiveness During the Biden Administration

Student loan forgiveness is a hot topic, and one that can have a significant impact on millions of Americans. Does the president have the authority to cancel student debt? Can Congress do it? Here’s a summary of where things currently stand with the student loan “freeze” and forgiveness.

How to Spot a Law School Gunner

What happens when you fill a competitive graduate program with ambitious high-achievers and teach them materials that hinge on policy, ambiguity, and interpretation? You get a few students that go overboard by prioritizing their own experience over others’ and get called “gunners”. Gunners are not exclusive to legal education (medical school uses it too and

How to Choose the Right Disability Insurance Riders

It might sound dull, but there are really interesting options to choose from when signing up for disability insurance, and they can have a huge impact down the road. This is a complicated topic, but after a close read of each option, you should have an idea of which of these disability insurance “add-ons” are right for your needs.

Short-Term, Low-Risk Investments

Where should you park your money for the short-term while taking on little risk? We look at CDs, money market funds, and bonds.

John R. Justice Grant Program for Public Defenders and Prosecutors

The JRJ provides grant money to put toward paying off your student loans if you work as a state public defender or prosecutor, federal defender, or for a non-profit contracted by the state to provide public defense. The specific requirements vary by state and the funds probably won’t cover your monthly loan payments, but every little bit helps in fighting the student loan monster.

LSAT Study Tips

Consistently answering LSAT questions correctly requires deep, slow preparation. These 5 tips for studying for the LSAT go beyond typical test-prep advice and get to the heart of how to master the LSAT’s unique challenges.

How to Get Student Loan Assistance from LRAP

The LRAP gives grants to lawyers working in public service to use toward repaying their law school loans. Most people who apply do get awarded funding, so it’s worth exploring!

Should You Use a Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker can save you time by showing you a variety of mortgage options that you qualify for, but they may also be limited in which lenders they work with or charge high fees. Here’s how to research a mortgage broker to make sure you’re using a good one. If you’re a lawyer, consider getting a JD Mortgage to avoid putting together a big down payment and paying for PMI.


Index funds that track the total stock market are popular among investors seeking long-term returns with lower risk, but Vanguard’s options can be difficult to disentangle. Here we break down the difference between VTAX, a mutual fund, and VTI, an ETF.

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