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How to Manage Tax Diversification Like a Boss

If you want to retire with the most money, look at creating different accounts that will give you access to tax-free money, tax-deferred money and some taxable money. This will allow you to draw from all three types of accounts in retirement, keeping your taxable income low and ensuring you pay minimal taxes on your tax-deferred money.

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Looking to Outsource?

Sometimes life is too busy and you don’t want to do it all yourself. Over the years, many people have asked me to connect them with the “good guys” in the financial services industry. Below are people and companies that I’ve personally vetted (often meeting them in person). Know that they are paid advertisers on the site but that I routinely recommend them to friends and colleagues and would do so even if they weren’t advertisers.

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HSA: Pay for Expenses Now or Later?

To save your HSA money for the future or spend it for medical expenses? Let’s look at two common ways to handle your HSA account and decide which one is the best avenue for you.

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