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The Biglaw Investor has negotiated many perks, one of which is getting you a Laurel Road bonus for refinancing your student loans. How do we do it? Each company has an advertising budget. We asked Laurel Road to pay you instead of us. But don’t worry. The site gets a little as well. If you refinance with Laurel Road through links on this page, you’ll get a cashback bonus and you’ll help support the site.

Get $300 Bonus

Laurel Road is one of the original players in the student loan refinancing world

A long time sweetheart of the student loan refinancing world, Laurel Road is still a highly competitive refi bank. While they rose to popularity because of their medical student loan refinancing options, they’re working with a variety of industries today. Even if you’re a lawyer you can enjoy some of the best benefits on the market: (1) low fixed rates; (2) co-signers allowed; (3) economic hardship support, and (4) excellent borrower protection.

Low fixed rates. Laurel Road is backed by a bank. They are owned by KeyBank and, as a financial institution, they have better access to capital. Consequently, they can offer some of the lowest fixed student loan refinancing rates on the market. The general consensus is that Laurel Road is going to give you the best rates if you are looking for longer repayment terms (e.g. 10 to 20 years). Additionally, Laurel Road allows you to refinance all of your student debt with one loan of up to $300,000, which makes it a great option for law school costs.

Co-signers allowed. Unlike other refi companies, Laurel Road makes your life a lot easier by allowing you to bring on a co-signer. If your credit isn't the best, you can ask your family members or a spouse to co-sign the loan with you to achieve a lower rate (however, proceed with caution as now this family member or spouse is directly liable for your loans). You’ll need to make regular payments for at least 36 months before the co-signer can be released.

Economic hardship support. If you’re refinancing your student loan with Laurel Road and you become unemployed, you can delay repayments in three-month increments. If you become disabled, Laurel Road could forgive your loans – especially if your disability stops you from working.

Excellent borrower protection. Finally, Laurel Road honors Federal grace period programs for lenders who are still in school (or have just graduated) but have accepted a job offer. All of this makes them a great institution to help you clear your credit of debt, and focus on investing into your career!

  • Interest Rates: 1.90%+
  • Bonus Cashback: $300
  • Loan Types:
    • Fixed
    • Variable
  • Loan Terms:
    • 5
    • 7
    • 10
    • 15
    • 20
  • Rating: 7/10
    3.5 rating
  • Visit Laurel Road

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