Slashing Your Phone Bill With Corporate Discounts

Are you a student or corporate employee? Check out the services below and see how you could save as much as 18% off your phone bill each month.

Every major mobile phone provider offers corporate discounts for employees and students. These monthly discounts – usually 15% or more – are additional to your current bill, regardless of your plan or pricing. Many large law firms, as well as many large educational institutions, participate in these programs.

To receive the discount, submit your firm or school email address to your mobile phone company (linked below). The mobile phone company identifies you by the domain name in your email address. If you qualify, you will receive a link via email to activate your savings. It’s likely that you will qualify to immediately save 15%, 18% or even more from your monthly bill. Don’t want to pay for the big carriers? Read about how I put together a $7 monthly iPhone plan.

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Verizon Wireless. Employee Discount Program

Verizon Wireless offers you discounts on wireless products and services based on your employment or affiliation with an organization that has an agreement with us.

If you are new to Verizon Wireless and have an employer issued work email address, you can enter the address below to check your eligibility status.

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AT&T Wireless. BusinessDirect Premier Discounts. If that doesn’t work, try (e.g.

Submit your work or school email address to find out if you’re eligible to receive exclusive AT&T discounts on your monthly wireless service, devices and more.

Once we validate your email address, you will receive an email to start shopping with your discount.

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T-Mobile. The T-Mobile Advantage program gives an eligible employee a $25 gift card per device. On the other hand, if your firm pays for your phone service you may be eligible for Business Family Discounts.

Do you work for a company that is part of the T-Mobile Advantage Program? You could be eligible to receive a $25 T-Mobile Advantage™ Reward Card with every purchase of a new smartphone or tablet.

Does your company directly pay for your voice line on the T-Mobile network? Your family can save 50% off your first two lines on an eligible Simple Choice family plan—and pay just $10 per line after that. Is your family already on a T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan? Great! Because they’re eligible, too.

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Sprint. Sprint Discount Program

Did you know that Sprint provides a discount to a range of occupations and membership programs? Thanks to the Sprint Discount Program you may be eligible for a discount of at least 10% on select regularly priced monthly data service from Sprint. Just enter your work, school or organization email address below to see if you could be saving. Switch and start saving today!

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    1. Does any cell company provide discounts to small businesses owners? I recently purchased a new phone from TMobile and wasn’t offered anything.

      1. Most of these are for giant corporations that have negotiated benefits for their employees. I’m not sure there’s the same economic forces working for small business owners but let us know if you find any.

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