5 Best Physician Mortgage Loans in Vermont

Physician mortgage loans in Vermont are the types of loans medical doctors use to pay as little as 0% down while also avoiding private mortgage insurance.

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Key Terms

  • A Vermont physician mortgage loan comes with high loan limits and options for up to 100% financing.
  • Student loan payments typically receive favorable treatment with a doctor loan, making it easier to qualify for a mortgage.
  • Physician mortgages don’t require private mortgage insurance (PMI) even with a 0% down payment.

Noted for its dense forests and beautiful parks, Vermont is a highly desirable, often affluent state in New England. It’s noted as being the home of over 100 19th-century homes, beautiful covered wooden bridges, and offers quality artisan wares including things like organic products and maple syrup. In addition to this, many come in the winter to ski the slopes of the mountains. The college town of Burlington, home of the University of Vermont, is a popular destination. As a desirable place to live, it can be a challenge for some to buy into this market, even for the over 2400 doctors living and working in the state.

Prices are also rising in Vermont as they are in other states. The Vermont Association of Realtors reports that median sale price was $383,050, which is a 28% increase over the previous year. 

Considering this, providers like doctors and dentists planning to buy in Vermont may wish to seek out the physician’s mortgage loan program in the state when they buy or refinance a home. For qualified health care professionals, this may reduce down payment requirements, sometimes eliminating them.  

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Vermont physician mortgage loans: pros and cons

Any financial product comes with upsides and downsides. For doctors, the rub is that a physician loan comes with upsides that answer directly to their needs. Student debt, for example, is given very favorable consideration during the underwriting process of these loans. A doctor mortgage also offers higher limits than conventional mortgages, does not require PMI, and can come with zero money down. 

Finally, many doctors enjoy the fact that you can get approved for a physician loan off of an offer letter alone, allowing them to sidestep the unrealistic underwriting requirements of conventional loans. 

The downside? All of that can mean that you will need to pay a higher interest rate. The good news is that there are sometimes doctor mortgages out there that offer pretty competitive rates. Regardless, many professionals feel that a higher rate is worth everything else that comes with a physician loan. The other downside is that some loans aren’t available to all medical professionals, like physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

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5 Top Vermont  physician home loan lenders

If you’re in the market for a home in Vermont, consider these physician mortgage loans that are available to state residents.

Nicole Smith
Loan Officer
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usually responds within 30 minutes

Eligible degrees & accreditations:

Medical doctor (MD); Dentist (DMD, DDS); Chiropractor (DO); Podiatrist (DPM), Fellows, Residents

TD Bank

(CT, DE, DC, FL, MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VT, VA)

$500M+ Closed Loans

TD Bank is one of our top professional mortgage lenders, represented by rock star loan officers such as Nicole Smith.

Eligible professionals must be within 10 years of graduating residency/fellowship to be eligible for this program. The program has flexibility with student loan calculations, sometimes counting $0 payments. You can close a TD Bank loan prior to starting new employment as long as you have an employment contract in hand. Reserve requirements funds can be gifted or be in retirement accounts. [ Read Review ]

Eligible degrees & accreditations:

Medical doctor (MD); Dentist (DMD, DDS); Chiropractor (DO); Podiatrist (DPM), Fellows, Residents

Down payment Financing
0% up to $750 thousand
5% up to $1.25 million
10% $1.25+ million
  • Minimum credit score: 720
  • Maximum loan: Exceptions made
  • Residents / fellows accepted without prejudice: Yes
  • Construction loans available: Yes
  • Debt ratio allowed: 43%
  • Rate options: ARM and Fixed
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usually responds within 30 minutes

Eligible degrees & accreditations:

Medical doctor (MD/DO), Dentist (DMD/DDS), Podiatrist (DPM)


(All 50 States)

$10M+ Closed Loans

Keybank is a major national bank based in Ohio with a competitive doctor mortgage program. They also lend across a large part of the United States.

The Keybank doctor mortgage program does not require you to be a minimum or maximum number of years out of medical school to qualify. They also offer large mortgage options if needed and part of your down payment can be supplied in money that you've received as a gift. [ Read Review ]

Eligible degrees & accreditations:

Medical doctor (MD/DO), Dentist (DMD/DDS), Podiatrist (DPM)

Down payment Financing
0% up to $1 million
5% up to $1.5 million
15% above $2 million
  • Minimum credit score: 700
  • Maximum loan: Contact to discuss
  • Residents / fellows accepted: Yes
  • Construction loans available: Yes
  • Income history: Not required
  • Rate options: Fixed and ARMs

Berkshire Bank

There are some banks that make a big deal out of their physician mortgage program, and then there are other banks like Berkshire that don’t even feel the need to mention it on their website.

For those banks, you really need to be in the know about the program if you want to see if they are offering competitive rates during that one moment when you’re buying a house.

We did the hard work for you though and have already contacted Berkshire Bank to learn more about their physician loan. Here is what you need to know:

  • 0% Down up to $1,000,000
  • 5% Down up to $1,250,000
  • 10% Down up to $2,000,000
  • Primary residences, vacation properties/second homes and investment properties eligible (although higher down payments may be required).
  • Credit score minimum of 660 needed. However, since Berkshire Bank is a true portfolio lender, they can make certain exceptions for some borrowers’ FICO scores.
  • Can also finance non-warrantable condos and multi-family homes.
  • If you are purchasing a home and have some special conditions, using a portfolio lender that isn’t beholden to the parameters the investor has already agreed to purchase can be helpful.

When you’re ready to connect with a loan officer, use our form to quickly match with eligible loan programs based on your specific circumstances.

Huntington Bank

Huntington Bank is the 26th largest bank in the United States. Operating primarily out of the Midwest, their mortgage group can service a large part of the country. Huntington has a competitive physician loan product with no money down financing options.

We contacted a loan officer at Huntington Bank to gather information about the doctor mortgage and here’s what we heard back:

  • 0% down payment up to $1 million
  • 5% down payment up to $1.25 million
  • 10% down payment up to $2 million
  • Maximum financing up to $2 million
  • Eligible degrees are: MD, DO, DDS, DVM or DMD
  • Residents are eligible
  • Minimum credit score is 700
  • 2 months reserves required (6 months for jumbo loans) – reserves can be held in bank or investment accounts
  • Gift funds for down payment are OK
  • 30-year and 15-year fixed-rate mortgages
  • ARMs available in 7/6, 10/6 or 15/6 terms
  • Can close on the strength of a new employment contract without paystubs
  • No private mortgage insurance
  • No prepayment penalty

When you’re ready to connect with a loan officer experienced in doctor mortgages, use our form to quickly match with eligible loan programs based on your specific circumstances.

Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank is one of the largest banks in the United States. I bet you didn’t know that it’s headquartered in the smallest state: Rhode Island. With over $160 billion in assets, it’s no surprise that Citizens offers a full range of financial products, including a physician loan.

We contacted a loan officer at Citizens Bank to learn more about their doctor mortgage loan program specifically. Here are details you won’t find anywhere else:

  • 5% down up to $850,000
  • 10% down up to $1,000,000
  • Practicing licensed medical and primary care doctors (MD and DO), dentists (DDS and DMD), residents and research physicians are eligible
  • Licensed residents, fellows and interns can borrow a maximum of $600,00 (or $400,000 if unlicensed)
  • No more than 10 years out of residency
  • Self-employed professionals are eligible with a two-year history of self-employment income
  • New medical professional graduates who are under contract for residency within 60 days of closing and have not yet obtained a license are eligible
  • No private mortgage insurance, meaning lower monthly payments
  • 40% max debt-to-income ratio
  • Student loan debt that’s deferred for more than 12 months from the date of closing can be excluded from DTI calculations
  • Construction-to-permanent loans available with a maximum of 89% financing
  • Fixed rate or adjustable-rate mortgage options
  • Interest-only option on certain adjustable-rate mortgage options (max financing at 89%)

When you’re ready to connect with a loan officer experienced in doctor mortgages, use our form to quickly match with eligible loan programs based on your specific circumstances.

Is a Vermont physician mortgage loan right for you?

That’s a reasonable question to ask. It certainly is if you are at a point in your medical career where you are still dealing with student debt. A Vermont physician loan can also be advantageous for doctors who want to enjoy higher loan limits in an expensive housing market.

When are these loans not a great fit? Some doctors may want to wait and try to find a lower rate via a conventional loan. Still others might not want to establish a long-term relationship with a lending bank. A mortgage of any type is also not the best bet if you plan on relocating or finding a new job anytime soon. 

Examples of doctors who take out physician loans in Vermont 

Who are the doctors in Vermont that take out physician loans? They include residents, established attendings and a range of other professionals whose stories may very well align with your own. 

Doctor who only has a small down payment

Living in Vermont means having access to beautiful country and a vibrant outdoor life.. That’s why Devon decided to take on a new position at Southwestern in Bennington. With prices as crazy as they are, however, Devon is looking at a down payment upwards of 100k or more. He has some money saved up, but not enough to qualify for a conventional mortgage. He decided to turn to a physician loan instead that is offering 100 percent financing. The higher loan amount will also increase his options as he looks around for a new house. 

An OB-GYN who found a great rate

Sherilyn has been working as an OB-GYN in Montpelier for nearly 15 years. She has always been careful with money, and she doesn’t like to pay a lot for financing in the form of a high interest rate. Fortunately, a local lender is offering doctor mortgages at a great rate, meaning she can enjoy the other benefits of a physician loan without paying too high a price for her taste. 

Looking for a physician loan in a different state?

If you’re looking to explore the best physician loans in other states, click on your state below.

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Joshua Holt is a licensed mortgage loan originator (NMLS #2306824) and founder of Biglaw Investor. His mortgage expertise lies in the areas of professional mortgage loans, particularly for lawyers, doctors and other high-income professionals. Prior to Biglaw Investor, Josh practiced private equity mergers & acquisition law for one of the largest law firms in the country.

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