Personal Finance Video Roundup

Youtube videos can be a great source for quick information. Check out some of my favorite videos on personal finance.

I’m always on the lookout for good videos on personal finance. I usually like to watch these during lunch, on the train or during down time at the office. Here’s a selection of several that I’ve found interesting. I hope you’ll find something of value.

Is your money manager a fiduciary?

Patty Hirsch from Marketplace APM has hundreds of wonderful “whiteboard” explanation videos on a incredible number of topics from personal finance to macroeconomic issues. Below is a simple explainer video about the the role of a fiduciary, but he can also explain how student loans are sold into the market or how Lehman Brothers used Repo 105s to make its balance sheet look healthier than it really was. Highly recommended for any economic concept you’re trying to understand.

Warren Buffett – HBO documentary

I have no idea how this is on YouTube and not violating HBO’s copyright but it’s a great documentary.

Navigating early retirement

I’m not super familiar with them but Mike and Lauren are late 20s/early 30-somethings navigating the world of early retirement. They put together entertaining short videos and are fun to watch. I imagine stuff like this will only get more popular with younger generations. They probably don’t even know what a blog is!

Or, figuring out a way to work remotely

If you really want to quit your job and live on a sailboat, this is the couple for you …

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett – Columbia university

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett spoke together earlier this year at Columbia. It’s excellent. If ever you wanted to disengage from the financial media and just hear smart people talk about the actual state of economy and world, this is the talk.

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    1. Can’t believe I hadn’t noticed the Warren Buffett documentary on HBO until you suggested it here! It’s well worth watching! Entertaining and a good reminder of some of the basic principles of investing. Plus, you gotta love a billionaire whose daily breakfast routine consists of $2.71 meals at the Golden Arches!

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