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How to Beat the Student Loan Monster

Let’s face it. You hate your student loans. If you want to get rid of them, you need to own the debt and develop a plan for eliminating them from your life. It’s going to take you a long time but it’s not going to be as hard as you think.

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Looking to Outsource?

Sometimes life is too busy and you don’t want to do it all yourself. Over the years, many people have asked me to connect them with the “good guys” in the financial services industry. Below are people and companies that I’ve personally vetted (often meeting them in person). Know that they are paid advertisers on the site but that I routinely recommend them to friends and colleagues and would do so even if they weren’t advertisers.

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5 Facts About REPAYE, IBR and PSLF

Student loans can change on a whim if the laws are rewritten, so it’s better to stay up-to-date on your loans and continue educating yourself to what else is out there. Here are 5 facts I’ve discovered about them.

PSLF: The Lawyer’s Loophole

Are you looking to pursue a career in public interest? If so, you should hear about this new assistance program which can help you hack the PSLF program.

Will PSLF Go Away?

With no real means to document the success of the program and very little data behind all of it, is it possible PSLF might be changed or removed entirely?

Student Loan Repayment Term Length

Repayment terms can help you circumvent thousands of dollars of interest in the course of your loan. It all depends on your level of risk.

We’re Abandoning PSLF

Marriage can complicate your students loans, which might effect how you file your taxes. Learn more about the financial conundrum of married filing seperately when dealing with loans.

Do You Hate Paying Off Debt?

Making student loan payments every month can seem like an uphill battle sometimes. Here are some tips for keeping your head above water and remaining happy throughout the process.

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