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Are Lawyers Not Smart About Money?

A new report quotes financial advisors as saying lawyers ignore their statements because they’re too busy billing. Let’s calculate the costs.

Student Loan Repayment Programs

Student loans are confusing at the best of times, and there are several options for you to choose from. Here are the repayment programs and what they can mean for you.

Your Savings Rate is More Important Than Your Rate of Return

Your rate of return means nothing if you have no savings. Too often we get caught up trying to find the right investment, thinking that “the one” will make us wealthy. Forget the nonsense. Focus on the rate you control: the amount that you’re saving.

Maximizing Your Transportation Expense Benefits

Transportation costs are a necessary evil especially in large cities. Don’t let these monthly charges eat away at your monthly budget. Here’s some simple ways to maximize you work travel.

Understanding Student Loan Status

Student loans can be tricky to understand. Knowing the status of your loans can help you better manage and repay them.

7 Tax Deductions Lawyers Overlook

The problem with taxes is not paying them (after all, that’s the cost of civilization) but the huge drag taxes have on your ability to create wealth. The federal tax system is structured to encourage you to act certain ways. Why not take advantage of the opportunities to save on taxes? Once of the reasons

Congratulations, You Got a Raise. Now What?

Raises are exciting and something to be celebrated, but how can you effectively use them for your benefit? Set yourself up for the future with these 7 tips for utilizing your recent raise.

Private Student Loans – An Introduction

Previously, we discussed the many different flavors of federal student loans. Private student loans for lawyers are not nearly as common as their federal cousins, but several readers may have picked up a few private student loans in undergraduate or law school. Essentially, a private loan is any loan that is not issued or backed

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